Thursday, June 29, 2006

Basil on a Hot Tin Roof

As mentioned before, our yard has a lot of shade.
Everything seems to be just grows a lot slower than if it had more sun.
I think our tomatoes actually did better this year with a little bit of shade.
Although Gary attributes this to the fact that we got them started earlier.

Anyways, I thought our basil was doing great
until I saw that Gary's mother's basil was about two foot tall with plenty of girth.
She tried to make me feel better by saying it was because
ours was started from seed
but we have a pickle bucket with a store bought plant
that doesn't look much better.

I figured it has to be the sun.
Right now it looks like most of the day's sun is
directed right at the roof of the carport.
So up went the basil plants.

We'll see if that helps any...
or if I just end up breaking my neck
falling off the ladder.
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