Thursday, July 20, 2006

Dreaming of Fall

We have finally been getting some rain!
It gives me a break from trying to keep everything
alive...watering morning, noon, and night.

So I've been dreaming of fall.
(I know I have a long way to go)

I've started to order things that won't get here
and /or I can't plant for another couple of months.

First I ordered two types of Turban garlic,
Lotus and China Stripe. I wanted to plant some garlic
because my mother used to grow it under the plum tree
in Summerdale, but Bill Finch's artlcle on
Growing Garlic in Mobile really got me excited
about doing it.

Then I've ordered a bunch of bulbs
from Southern Bulb Company :

Butter and Eggs
Double Roman
Pink Rain Lily
Lent lily

I guess I got all caught up in the excitement
and ordered some more over at Old House Gardens :

Oxblood Lily and
Byzantine Glads

I still have to order seeds for the fall/winter vegtable garden too.
We are going to try a bunch of greens this year.


Blogger r sorrell said...

There are a few things at Southern Bulb Company that I've got my eye on, too. There was an article about Southern Bulb in our local paper last week. I tried to post about it, but my html coding wasn't working. Anyhow, I'm glad that someone is finally focusing on bulbs for the GEOGRAPHICALLY southern areas (vs. the "Old South").

4:46 PM  

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