Thursday, July 06, 2006

The Forgotten Flowers

This morning I decided I was going to start taking pictures
of the forgotten flowers /plants around the yard.
Plants that just aren't that exciting.
This dianthus is about as far as I got.
The humidity was at 95%
and every time I wiped off the lens
it would fog up again.

This plant is almost 2 years old.
It blooms continuously.
It looks kind of pink in the picture but its really a dark red.
I bought some more to plant on the side of the patio.
They did well until the weather warmed up
and cut worms got to them.
The worms would cut off a piece which would die and turn brown
and then a new section would spring up.
I got so tired of looking at brown, dead plants everywhere
I dug them all up.

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Blogger Annie in Austin said...

If I plant Dianthus in the ground, it croaks, but as you've shown, Amy, in a pot they will live. We have some 3-year old continuously blooming Dianthus in containers. There's a fair amount of perlite mixed into the potting soil, and they need fast draining ground. Maybe they could be ground-planted if I added lots of decomposed granite? I wonder if the granite would discourage your cutworms.

12:48 PM  
Blogger Amy said...

You think it died because it was sitting in too much water?

I guess with the cutworms, putting a cardboard sleave around the stems is supposed to stop them...but with dianthus there are a million would be impossible.

I tried to dig one up thinking I was going to save it and put it in a pot...there were worms hiding all in the roots though.

In their place I now have a painted fern, a hosta, a dwarf gardenia, and a sweet potato that somehow landed there and decided to take root.
They all seem to be doing fine.

9:45 AM  

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